High Technology Greenhouse


Our vegetables are grown mainly in greenhouses.

Sedfort Farms is made up of an expansive hydroponics greenhouse farm with capacity to produce farm fresh and premium quality tomatoes and peppers all year round. The controlled environment of the greenhouse ensures minimal use of pesticides and other chemicals when compared to growing in the open field and also ensures the plants develop under suitable conditions for year round production.

A computer-controlled drip irrigation system dispenses the exact nutrients each plant needs at every stage of development; nothing more, nothing less.  We also grow hydroponics using organic (natural) substrates meaning we make it extremely difficult for bacteria, fungi and viruses that normally attack plants through soil to thrive.

greenhouse is simply a building in which plants are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A greenhouse could have combinations of different covering materials such as nets, plastics, polycarbonates or glass depending on the prevailing climatic conditions and the crop to be grown. Greenhouse production creates an ideal production environment that includes ideal relative humidity, temperature and light and has been experiencing accelerated growth in recent years.

Greenhouses range from low cost plastic covered tunnel type structures to computerized greenhouses using automatic controlled irrigation, climate systems, fertilizers, heating or other electro-mechanical measures to control plant growing condition.GH 2

Leading country in the use of the technology are the US, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, China, S. Korea, Japan, Israel, Turkey and the Netherlands. In Africa there is Egypt and more recently Kenya. The technology is still relatively unknown in Nigeria.


Greenhouse Benefits

  • Increased Yields: The yield may be 10-20 times higher than that of out door cultivation depending upon the type of greenhouse, type of crop, environmental control facilities and agronomic expertise and experience.
  • Crop Reliability: The relatively controlled growing environment ensures increased reliability of crop under greenhouse cultivation.g3
  • Year Round Production: Year round/off-season production of vegetable, fruit and floricultural crops.
  • Quality Produce: Disease-free, quality produce free of blemishes and genetically superior transplants can be produced continuously
  • Efficient Use of Inputs: Limited utilisation of irrigation water and pesticides to control pest and diseases.
  • Minimal Labour Requirement: Labour requirement per output is significantly lower than that of open field.
  • Adaptability to Modern Techniques: Modern techniques of Hydroponic (Soilless culture), Aeroponics and Nutrient film techniques are possible only under greenhouse cultivation.