Sedfort Produce

Sedfort Produce represents your one source and full service high quality and farm fresh produce supply. From the germinated seed to our final premium crop, we have complete control over the growing, packing and shipping of our produce to assure consistent quality and food safety to our valued customers and consumers.

Tomatoes and Bell peppers, our flagship farm produces, are farm fresh, vine-ripened, then picked by hand and washed before being graded. They are graded by size and hand packed into individual container cups in a very eye catching packs and crates. They are then immediately shipped to our customers in our cooling trucks or stored in our cooling room at the optimal temperature to maintain freshness, until they are ready to be shipped. Utilizing innovative greenhouse technologies and rigorous measures to ensure safety and quality, the product you receive is the best.

We also plan to supply other premium vegetables like cucumber, lettuce and cabbage in the near future.

Our Tomatoes and Peppers come in different varieties of:


  • Beefsteak Tomatoes (Big Round tomatoes)
  • Roma Tomatoes (Oval shaped tomatoes)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (Grapelike tomatoes)


  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Orange & Yellow Bell Peppers

Features & Benefits

  • Market Freshness – Shipped Daily to the market
  • Long Shelve life – Do not spoil easily
  • Top Export Quality and Consistent Value
  • Year Round Availability