Farm Fresh Peppers


Like our tomatoes, our bell peppers are farm fresh, vine-ripened and picked by hand; after which, they are sorted by size and hand packed. Our peppers are also cultivated using innovative greenhouse technologies and rigorous measures to ensure safety and harvest quality.

The Types of Peppers We Grow

A.  Sweet Peppers

These are peppers – as the name indicates – that are sweet in taste, rather than peppery as expected. Our sweet peppers are healthy, highly nutritious, delicious, juicy and quite addictive! A taste will convince you!

Of very high quality and good shelf life, our sweet peppers come in four colours: green, red, orange and yellow. We further categorize the peppers per their shape, which can either be:

  • Blocky: which are squamous in shape, and
  • Lamuyo: which look close to an inverted bell shape.

B.  Chilli Peppers

Red Chilli Peppers

Red Chilli Peppers

These are the more characteristic peppers that are red hot and spicy! Usually no heavier than 30grams per fruit, these peppers are much hotter in

taste than your conventional hot peppers. Grown with no less skill and agronomic expertise, our chilli peppers are bound to satisfy the hot spicy needs in your kitchen.

Nutritional Benefits of Pepper

Peppers are of very high nutritional benefits as they contain several vitamins especially a high amount of Vitamin C (up to 90%). They also contain an ample amount of dietary fibre and several minerals.