Water Treatment Plants



Sedfort, in partnership with a leading European company offers our customers turnkey projects – design, manufacture and installation, of compact and customized water treatment solutions for use in Industries, Homes and Agriculture.

  • Design

A multidisciplinary team of engineers, armed with experience of installations in various parts of the world and the knowledge gained from sustained R & D, choose the best technologies available to configure the water treatment plant/solution that best fits the customer’s needs.w2

  • Manufacture

The team employs the very best of engineering, hydraulics and electrics to create a solution that works for the customer.

  • Installation

The installation and commissioning of the plants are carried out by a technical team of skilled professionals, under constant supervision and direction of the engineering team of the company.

  • Service after sales

All the solutions are easy to use and maintain by non-experts. In rare cases when required, there is a unique system that allows remote access to manage the automation and electromechanical equipments. This ensures an uninterrupted and up to the minute after sales support and maintenance of the plants.


Our HidroPURE Water Treatment Plants combine the very best of technologies available to deliver potable (drinking) water for homes, communities, towns and industries. Depending on the quality of the raw water i.e. fresh (rivers, ponds etc), brackish (slightly salty, estuaries etc) or salt water (seawater, chemicals polluted etc), our systems are able to deliver up to World Health Organisation (WHO) standard drinkable water.

Our treatment plants are designed to specification based on water source/contaminations and intended use (potable, industries, homes etc) Daily capacities of the plants range from a few cubic metres to hundreds of thousands cubic metres of treated water per day depending on customers needs.

  • HidroPURE S: Uses mainly the Silex Media Filtration and is ideal for fresh water sources.
  • HidroPURE DU: This water treatment plant uses mainly the ultra filtration membranes and brings potable water out of brackish raw water.
  • HidroPURE SOX/SOW and Osmaqua: These brands of our water treatment plants make use of the most advanced technology in water treatment, reverse osmosis and sometimes in combinations with some other treatments, to remove almost any salt or chemical present. This conveniently turns salty seawater and other chemical polluted waters into drinking water and water for other home, industrial and agricultural uses; just like that!

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  1. Chert bed filters & anthracite: Good quality water filtration medium with low concentration of suspended solids and turbidity.
  2. Ultrafiltration membranes: Excellent quality filtration and disinfection in water with high concentrations of suspended solids.
  3. Ion exchange resins & mineral adsorbents: Eliminates specific dissolved contaminants and improves the organoleptic characteristics (taste, smell etc) of water.
  4. Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Removal of all kinds of substances dissolved in water (salts, heavy metals, etc..).
  5. Disinfection: Elimination of pathogenic microorganisms with chlorine and its derivatives, ultraviolet and ozonation.


This compact water treatment plant makes use of solar panels as the source of energy and is therefore suitable for the supply of potable water where there is little or no source of electricity like villages and remote settlements. Due to its compact size, renewable energy source and ease of mobility, it has also been found very useful for the supply of potable water during emergencies and by the military/other paramilitary units.

idroBIO (Waste Treatment)

This plant using the Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) technology is able to treat discharge from industrial and urban wastewater to meet environmental standards.

Our Solutions’ Benefits

  • Effective Solution – Advanced treatments that guarantee quality potable water
  • Compact, Skid assembled and Factory Tested – Ready for immediate installation and commissioning
  • Modular – Easily expandable for future needs
  • Autonomous Operations – No need for qualified and permanent employees for plant operations saving cost.
  • Mobility: Option of renewable energy ideal for areas without access to electricity, emergencies and mobile units e.g. the military.


Hydrocarbons represent one of the most difficult contaminants to remove from raw water. We can however design, manufacture and install a functional treatment plant for hydrocarbons, oils and fats polluted water. With the use of a solution based primarily on Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) in combination with other technologies and techniques, hydrocarbons and other related contaminants are removed from water sources and made safe for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses.

The raw water is usually treated through 3 stages of:

  1. 1.    Pre-settling – Used only if the raw water has high concentration of suspended solids content.
  2. 2.    Flotation and Oil Separation – This is the stage at which the separators, in this case DAF, are used to separate the different components i.e. oil from water.   
  3. 3.    Post Filtration – To remove solids that are not settled. There are different techniques of filtration for this stage.

The final design will however be dependent on the concentration of the hydrocarbons, their state i.e. free or emulsified and the intended use of the water.


Our water treatment plants and solutions are highly customized and therefore designed after knowledge of the type and level of impurities in the raw water and the volume and final use clean water required.  They are however very affordable and represent exceptional value for money.